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Perhaps one of the most challenging of all the technological changes that have occurred in recent years has been that of Social Media. It seems to many to be the ‘language’ of the young and unless you have embraced it yourself, a little daunting.

Social Media has evolved so quickly and engaged so many people — now a billion on Facebook — that it has actually changed the nature of our culture. 

As a business owner, the questions then are ‘should I embrace it’ and ‘how can I manage it for the betterment of my business’? Clearly, with the number of people - your customers, engaging in Social Media, you need to find a way of becoming  involved. It also allows you the opportunity to engage with and build on the relationships you already have with your customers.

The next question is ‘how to engage the power of Social Media, and can I do it on my own’? The simple answer to those questions is yes, you can do it on your own. There are certain principles you must adhere to if you are to build a successful Social Media presence for your business.
This ALSA Retail Insights module focuses on these principles, to allow you to build a Social Media strategy and presence for your business.

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