Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs – do they work? Are they worth the ‘cost’? These are two of the most common questions retailers ask themselves when considering introducing a Loyalty Program for their business.

Whilst there can be no doubt that most independent liquor stores rely on a level of ‘loyalty’ from their customers – we call them ‘regulars’ - the more important question to ask ourselves is, what are we doing proactively to promote and maintain that loyalty – other than a friendly, smiling face at the counter?

Loyalty programs can and do work – they can result in more sales from your regular, loyal customers as well as attract new customers. However, there are certain principles which need to be acknowledged and adhered to. Just offering your customers a loyalty program is not necessarily the key to success , it is what you do with that program that counts.

This ALSA Retail Insights module focuses on these principles, to allow you to develop a Loyalty Program for your business or to support the program developed by your banner group.

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