Category Management

From a retailer’s perspective, one of the most misunderstood terms of the retailing ‘vocabulary’ is Category Management.

Put simply, Category Management is about having a disciplined approach to managing a product category as an individual business unit. In other words, setting targets and goals for the sales performance and profitability for an individual product category within your business. The best and most effective way to achieve this is by following a process which allows you to analyse the current performance of a category against others or within your business generally. This process is set out for you in this module. The results can be astonishing – from increased sales, to more efficient stock levels and, most importantly, allowing you to control your gross profit by category more effectively.

Category management allows you to layout your shelves in such a way that can make them easier for your customer to ‘shop’.

In this Stage 1 module, you will learn the principles of category management as well as be shown some useful tools to help you work through the process.

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