Online Retailing

This ALSA Retail Insights module will give you some of the basics about online retailing - particularly in the areas you need to consider when thinking about developing a web site.

Like any new business initiative, it is important that before you embark on getting involved in online sales, you do your research and develop a clear strategy. The opportunity may seem significant, however without a plan, you will be unlikely to succeed in such a cluttered and fragmented market. There has been plenty of recent successes in the online liquor space, as the awards demonstrate and these retailers have a clear point of difference in what they are offering the shopper.

We are told regularly by all the retail experts that every retail business needs a web site.

What of course they don't explain is exactly how to go about creating one and what are the pitfalls and traps to beware of.

In a highly competitive retail marketplace like liquor retailing, how do you 'stand out' from the crowd on the internet? There are now literally thousands of websites selling liquor, yet while the market is growing, the evidence is that only a handful of them account for the bulk of all online sales.

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