What makes Customers 'Loyal'?

Is a 'smile' and a friendly 'hello' really as valuable as a means of driving customer loyalty as people say? Research shows that those two simple elements are the most common reason why consumers feel loyal toward independent retailers.

On top of that, research also shows that 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. So, the challenge then is how to provide that 'better customer experience'?

This ALSA Retail Insights module will give you the tools from which to develop a customer loyalty strategy. Customer 'service' is one thing – 'engagement' with your customers is something more. So, which of these two is more important – service or engagement? Without good service, engagement is virtually impossible. However good service on its own does not allow you to maximise the potential of a commercial relationship with your customer.

Feedback is important to the Retail Insights program – so please give us your feedback about this and any of the other modules.

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