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The ALSA RETAIL INSIGHTS project wishes to acknowledge the invaluable support of our Supplier Partners.

To ensure a sustainable retail sector, collaboration between the supplier sector and the retail sector is essential. Our partners have contributed significant resources to assist in the development of this initiative in the genuine belief that with professional development will come a professional retail market, focussing on the needs of consumers with a variety of retail offers.


Here’s what our Supplier Partners have to say about the ALSA RETAIL INSIGHTS initiative -

“More than ever in this fast paced market environment, a deep understanding of your customer is paramount to creating loyal shoppers and a sustainable and adaptable business. Having the right data insights at your fingertips for you and your employees ensures your business decisions are informed and you can measure results and drive continuous improvement”.

John Murphy
Managing Director Australian Beverages
CCA Australasia

"Pernod Ricard Australia are excited about the introduction of the professional development program. The introduction of this program will allow retailers and suppliers the ability to tap into category drivers, consumer and shopper insights with a shared understanding, delivering incremental growth opportunities as a result of improved alignment between retailer and supplier. Pernod Ricard Australia fully support this initiative as it will clearly lead to greater professionalism of our industry."

Kevin Mapson
Sales Director
Pernod Ricard Australia

“The sustainability of a vibrant liquor retail industry is paramount, and can only be achieved by understanding and adapting to the needs of consumers. ALSA’s initiative provides the opportunity to access skills, insights and information to develop your business in this increasingly dynamic market.”

Vincent Bateman
Account Sales Capability Leader

“CUB is supporting this initiative for a simple reason. Shopper insights, category trends, store demographics/ location and retail merchandising do matter. Understanding these insights and using them to advantage in your store does increase dollar sales in liquor. We have many examples where we have increased dollar sales by 10-20 per cent overnight by implementing trials based on insights - I encourage each of you to embrace the training and use the tools to advantage in your business.”

Peter Filipovic
Sales Director
Carlton and United Breweries

“It has never been more important for all Liquor Industry stakeholders to combine and focus our energy and resource on delivering against the evolving needs and expectations of our Customers / Shoppers. In order to unlock future category growth, it is vital that we forge meaningful relationships with our Customers, and to deliver a stimulating shopping experience that exceeds their expectations. Brown-Forman are committed to supporting ALSA in the development and rollout of the ALSA RETAIL INSIGHTS program, and look forward to collectively sharing in the benefits that will be delivered through increased Customer Satisfaction.”

Rod Pritchard
Customer Solutions Director
Brown Forman Australia

“To try and run an effective and profitable retail business without ongoing access to accurate market data and consumer insights and preferences is akin to driving a motor vehicle with black plastic on your windscreen. Making decisions on intuition and gut feel won't cut it.”

Michael East 
General Manager Australasia
Accolade Wines

“No retailer or supplier can expect to be successful in today's competitive consumer environment without relevant and current information on which to base their decisions. The ALSA Retail Insights program will be an important resource for retailers and suppliers to use and learn from. Treasury Wine Estates is pleased to support ALSA in this initiative, as a more informed and professional retail marketplace will build a more sustainable category for suppliers, retailers and consumers.”

Darren Campbell
Director of Field Sales
Treasury Wine Estates

“On behalf of ALSA and its members across the country, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the support shown by our Supplier Partners for the ALSA RETAIL INSIGHTS program. Never before have liquor retailers had such a range of resources available to them. ALSA remains committed to working for a diverse and sustainable retail liquor sector, and this resource will assist in that cause.”

Giuseppe Minissale
Australian Liquor Stores Association

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