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The definition of Shopper Insights is a ‘data-driven learning that leads to an actionable understanding of shopper behaviour and purchase influences’. The critical phrase here is ‘actionable understanding of shopper behaviour’ – in other words, Shopper Insights are only of use if they are ‘actionable’.

Retailers mostly rely on their own individual ‘in store’ experiences to make decisions on what they perceive customers expect of their shopping experience. Insights is about asking shoppers independently what they think about that experience. From there, we can be in a far better position to develop a strategy to deal with what we have learnt.

Understanding more about the entire ‘purchase cycle’ - from a shoppers perspective, allows us to better develop our marketing, selling, pricing and promotional strategies.

Understanding such critical issues as a shopper’s reasons for outlet choice, how many different stores they ‘shop’, how many different ‘occasions’ they shop for and what they think of their shopping experience, allows us to better set up our entire business from staffing to store layout to be more relevant to our customers and therefore more effective.

It is very easy to become ‘store blind’ in a retail liquor environment. We often spend so much time working in the business, that we struggle to find the time to look outside our own shop environment to seek out what our customers are actually looking for. There is an old saying – ‘doing things the same way as you always have and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity’!

ALSA RETAIL INSIGHTS have, with the assistance of a number of our supplier partners, put together a selection of Shopper Insights relevant to the retail liquor environment.

They are gathered from a range of professional resources and represent the latest in research. These will be continually added to as the program develops.

In this first stage, we have gathered together information on several important areas for us to consider. How Shoppers choose a store, What drives alcohol purchase decisions, What Shoppers are looking for, What happens in store and what will make them come back. The presentation below will take you through these Insights.

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