Market Insights

Whilst Shopper Insights are important to gain a better understanding of how our customers think and behave, another important consideration we need to keep in mind in forming our business decisions is to better understand what is happening in the market generally.

For this module, MARKET INSIGHTS, we have partnered with Nielsen to provide a series of informative video ‘clips’ which look at several areas of the market. These will be update regularly to include a cross section of categories and considerations.

For Stage 1 of the program, we have chosen the following topics –
  1.  Liquor Industry Outlook 
    The key categories that will do well in the next 3 years
  2.  Trading Up in the liquor category 
    Where are we seeing consumers trading up to better products? What can retailers do to harness this?
  3.  Cider Insights 
    What are the big learnings for retailers?
  4.  Consumer Sentiment 
    Implications for retailers from the latest findings
  5.  Online Purchasing in Liquor 
    What do we know about consumers buying liquor online? What can stores do to harness consumer online behaviour?
  6. How connected are we? - NEW
    We are adapting to the new age of being constantly 'connected'. What does this mean for our business?
  7. Online Wine Sales - NEW
    Online wine sales are increasing - by how much, why and what can we do about it?

ALSA Retail Insights would like to thank the Nielsen Company for their support of this program

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