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What do you use to calculate your Gross Profit?
  •  Your Point of Sale System?
  •  Your supplier or wholesaler’s invoice values?
  •  Your own ‘gut feel’?
  •  Your competitors pricing?
ALSA RETAIL INSIGHTS has developed the ultimate ‘RETAIL TOOLKIT CALCULATOR’ to assist you in making those important pricing and gross profit decisions. It has been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to input any component of the calculation to give you the answer you require.

The ALSA RETAIL INSIGHTS RETAIL TOOLKIT CALCULATOR can be used to calculate the following –
  •  Percentage Gross Profit margin from the cost/sell price
  •  Dollars Gross Profit from the cost/sell price
  •  A Discount Effect calculator to calculate the impact on GP of a change in retail price
  •  Gross Profit margin in dollars and % on mixed price points – single, case, 6 pack, mixed case etc
  •  A Bonus Stock impact calculator to calculate the impact of bonus stock on your cost price, selling price and GP
  1. Retail Calculator
  2. Discount Effect
  3. Split pack
  4. Bonus Stock
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